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Pool Fencing Safety Inspection Steps

Step 1: Checklist
We provide each client with a thorough checklist. Use this checklist to get your property ready for its inspection. By double-checking the following points, you can avoid having to contend with major issues or hassles. An overview of a few of the key points is included below.

Step 2: Pool Registration
A part of being compliant under the pool safety regulations that went into effect in Queensland on 1 December 2010 is being listed in the official pool safety register. Pools must be registered by 5th November 2011. To ensure your pool is registered click here.

Step 3: Pool Inspection
We will thoroughly examine your pool fences and gates to ensure compliance with current pool safety standards. After carefully examining every panel, balcony, window, retaining wall – along with foliage – we will determine whether your pool area is compliant or not. If it is, a certificate will be issued within two working days.

Step 4: Non-Compliancy Reports
In the event that your pool isn’t found to be compliant, we will email you a detailed, computer-generated report that outlines the issues at hand within two working days. A certificate of non-compliance will be issued, and you will have three months to fix the situation.

Step 5: Achieving Compliance
Pool Inspection Services will work with you to achieve pool safety compliance. We can put you in touch with builders and handymen who can bring your pool up to speed with Queensland’s current pool safety regulations, or we can give you specific advice on conducting repairs yourself.

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