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  • Dr Fausie Le Duc
    In the 2 years I have known Marty I have found him to be very highly capable, knowledgeable and reliable. His attention to detail and getting the job done in an efficient manner is extremely impressive. It is very clear he is a man that takes immense pride in his work. I therefore have no hesitation in strongly recommending Marty for his high competence in general property and pool maintenance and repair. I understand he is applying for an unconditional pool inspectors license and I believe with his background knowledge and ability he would be well qualified for the license.
  • Paul Mullooly
    I have known Marty Foote for eight years and during that time he has been responsible for the general maintenance of our property. He has managed all aspects of our property maintenance including the following: - Repairing gates & fences, including the mechanical aspects. - Attendance to minor repairs to the pool fence. - All aspects of the swimming pool maintenance from repairs to pool pump and filter - repairs to the pool pump enclosure and cleaning equipment. - General advice in relation to a range of major maintenance matters. Marty is a confident and capable individual who has an innate ability to solve a wide range of home maintenance problems with cost effective and robust solutions. I would have no hesitation in recommending Marty to anyone for general property maintenance.
  • Kwek Chee Kian
    I have Known Marty Foote and his family since we became neighbours. During the past 10 years, we are blessed to have the advice and support of Marty in maintaining our swimming pool. He is very knowledgeable and efficient.

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